Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Rainy Sunday

Spring is starting to bloom here in NJ. Finally!! The robins were back last week. The days are getting longer-

Hubby was home this weekend for his mom's birthday tomorrow. He brought me callas :) He left a few minutes ago with another carload of "stuff". He took Ethel ( my featherweight) so when I go up with the kids a week from Tuesday I'll have a machine up there in case I feel the urge to sew. I sent a couple of board games also.

Somewhere around here I have one of these from Marti Mitchell also. I found the booklet that came with that one and it has a very good way to do bindings so I had to try it with this tool. It's also coming in very handy for the 9 patch quilt I'm making to replace the one with the running red.I wish I remembered it last on point quilt I did. This is so much easier.

Well I guess I can go get the quilt off the frame to trim and bind. That will be number 3 of 4. Once I finish piecing this 9 patch and quilt I will be done. Then I have 3 more that need quilting lined up.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


A few months back, I won the Stashbuster Yahoo Group's challenge for no buy. I was so happy. Today, not so much.

I trimmed all those squares into smaller squares to make this quilt. Perfect for one of my friend's daughters for a love quilt. The third one. I sewed the binding on threw it in the wash with synthropol and a color catcher sheet ( I'm anal about using both) Take out of the dryer and saw this!!!!!!

No matter how many times I wash it ( I tried 4 times) it kept running and getting all over the quilt. I was fit to be tied.
With the bonus hsts from trimming the corners, I started this quilt for hubby- and of course both fabrics are in it also. Meaning it will run all over this one. It's only hand quilted and 100's of hours invested in it.

I don't know why when something says to prewash things aren't prewashed...this is a perfect example of why I hate joining in some swaps/challenges.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Love Quilt.

Mr Juki is home and purring like he should be :)
This is the second of four love quilts for my friend's family.
I used 2 blocks that Cindy designed.
The third one I'll be sewing the binding down tonight and washing it.
Tonight or tomorrow I'll be making the binding for the fourth quilt -trimming and sewing binding on to stitch down during Grey's Anotomy tomorrow night.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from the missing

What a week. I can't even blame hubby he didn't come home last weekend. I've been FINALLY getting the love quilts for my friend, Robin's family pieced and quilted.
Of course last week the back hall way looked like this:

Scarey huh? And that's not including the one I was still piecing at the time.
I found fabric in my closet- I never put fabric in my closet of the girl's favorite colors yellow,pink and it is with the alternating blocks I'm using for the quilt along project with Amanda Jean last year.

To me, the fabric looks like Peeps Colors:

I had the yellow ones for breakfast while on the phone with Mel.

Anyhow I got 2 of the 3 quilts quilted and Mr Juki decided to act up- here's the sick Juki waiting to go to the Spa for a tuneup:
Lucky for me Katie has a new Juki and let me break hers in for her :)
I got the binding on one of the quilts- this is the youngest ones. Her favorite color is pink:)
So my goal for tomorrow is to get a second quilt trimmed and binding attached and then at night I can sew them down. Hopefully I can pick up the juki Wednesday and quilt the father's quilt and get that one bound also and maybe - just maybe deliver all 4 this weekend. Then is the push to finish the hand quilting on Buffalo Troubles for hubby......

Monday, March 09, 2009

For Cathi and Smudge

For Kathi at Quilt Obsession :) Reminded me of her Smudge pic last week.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Boys

Hubby surprised everyone by driving home Friday night and arriving around 11:30 PM. He missed us :D
We missed him too. But Moose was so very glad to see hubby and followed him around all weekend. Like a dog- I swear. I think I'm going to start calling him Wart - was constantly attached to hubby. Kinda sad actually.

Hubby left around 1 this afternoon for the long drive home to Buffalo. But he made it safe and sound.
Poor Moose is very sad now :( Every slam of a car door he thinks hubby is home again.

Speaking of Buffalo- did you see the Bills signed T.O. ??? ROFLMAO

Friday, March 06, 2009

EQ Help

Anyone EQ savy enough to draw this block and send the file?
Even without the melons sides. I for the life of me can't redraw it

Week Catch Up

In 2006 I went on a retreat in Lancaster ,PA with one of my online groups and one of the women, Sharon had started this quilt called Women of the Bible ( apic of the finished quilt is near the bottom of the page) Now even though I have fabric dye and white kona, I decided against making mine in her fabric choice. I'm making mine scrappy with what I have here. Some are applique (grrrrr) most are pieced. Paper piecing works best I'm finding. Look at the Joseph's Coat, there are 49 pieces in the 6" block.Yikes! I never did a Dear Jane or the Civil War quilt because of all the tiny pieces. I believe I'm over that now. There's a really good Bible study that focuses on each woman for a week at a time. I've been do it on and off for a year or so and only had 8 blocks to show for it. Well I started it again the other week and am almost caught up for restarting in January. This week we read about Moses's mother. But I am going to cheat a tad and try and get the blocks for July and August done now so that when it's packing and moving time I'll be set *VBG* and can just concentrate on the readings

I'ts going to be a Christmas present and the study guide for my mil eventually. My setting won't be like the original either- to narrow and long
Ok I was cleaning out the memory card and found a couple more pictures from the gardens so I swear, these are it :)

Some kind of begonia - I never saw one like this before. Very lacey looking flowers.....

Finally, before hubby left I grabbed 5 or so quilts for him to take to Buffalo and I found Nancy on them:

Both she and Moose are lost without hubby here.....

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

U2- Letterman/ Hubby

Anyone stay up to see U2 on Letterman's show last night???
Here's the song they did. Breath
Though I fought to stay awake after all the shoveling. A whole week of late night with Letterman and U2 WOW! Let's hope the albulm is better than the last 2 or 3.....

And lookie here:
Hubby Made the Buffalo News already

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Buffalo Botanical Gardens revisited

It's offical- Guru ( aka Hubby) left Saturday morning to start his new job on 3/2. Personally I would have take last week off and went up to get things like furniture, stoves and fridges delivered FIRST!!! But the sexes disagree on important things.

Poor man got there around 4 PM on Saturday went to the apartment and guess what???!! No heat! All the thermostat said was under
50*! Lovely- no heat is an emergency in Buffalo so he only had to wait till about 9:30 PM for them to come turn it on again! Poor guy, good thing I sent him with 5 quilts * wink*

Friday night my mil took the family out for a belated bday dinner for DD. Afterwards we went and finally rolled the bolt of batting onto the bar for the quilting frame! Yippee! No more guessing at the amount needed and either having too much or too little !!!

One of the last things I asked the love of my life Thursday or Friday was how to use the snow thrower. He told me I didn't need to know since we weren't going to need it anymore.LOL- liar!!!

Here's what yahoo weather has to say about tonight and tomorrow's weather:

So guess who doesn't know how to use the snow thrower and we have a very long driveway??? Ok I only need to do 1/3 of it as it's shared but it's still 2 cars wide by the garage and pretty big! I hope our uncle can get it started if I need it.

But here are the last of the pics from Valentine's Day weekend when I was in Buffalo with hubby. Let the adventure begin...........