Friday, March 06, 2009

Week Catch Up

In 2006 I went on a retreat in Lancaster ,PA with one of my online groups and one of the women, Sharon had started this quilt called Women of the Bible ( apic of the finished quilt is near the bottom of the page) Now even though I have fabric dye and white kona, I decided against making mine in her fabric choice. I'm making mine scrappy with what I have here. Some are applique (grrrrr) most are pieced. Paper piecing works best I'm finding. Look at the Joseph's Coat, there are 49 pieces in the 6" block.Yikes! I never did a Dear Jane or the Civil War quilt because of all the tiny pieces. I believe I'm over that now. There's a really good Bible study that focuses on each woman for a week at a time. I've been do it on and off for a year or so and only had 8 blocks to show for it. Well I started it again the other week and am almost caught up for restarting in January. This week we read about Moses's mother. But I am going to cheat a tad and try and get the blocks for July and August done now so that when it's packing and moving time I'll be set *VBG* and can just concentrate on the readings

I'ts going to be a Christmas present and the study guide for my mil eventually. My setting won't be like the original either- to narrow and long
Ok I was cleaning out the memory card and found a couple more pictures from the gardens so I swear, these are it :)

Some kind of begonia - I never saw one like this before. Very lacey looking flowers.....

Finally, before hubby left I grabbed 5 or so quilts for him to take to Buffalo and I found Nancy on them:

Both she and Moose are lost without hubby here.....

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Joansie said...

That sounds so interesting to connect the quilts with women of the Bible....a double learning experience.