Thursday, March 26, 2009


A few months back, I won the Stashbuster Yahoo Group's challenge for no buy. I was so happy. Today, not so much.

I trimmed all those squares into smaller squares to make this quilt. Perfect for one of my friend's daughters for a love quilt. The third one. I sewed the binding on threw it in the wash with synthropol and a color catcher sheet ( I'm anal about using both) Take out of the dryer and saw this!!!!!!

No matter how many times I wash it ( I tried 4 times) it kept running and getting all over the quilt. I was fit to be tied.
With the bonus hsts from trimming the corners, I started this quilt for hubby- and of course both fabrics are in it also. Meaning it will run all over this one. It's only hand quilted and 100's of hours invested in it.

I don't know why when something says to prewash things aren't prewashed...this is a perfect example of why I hate joining in some swaps/challenges.


Catherine said...

Ooh, Kim -- that is so sad!! I've learned to always wash fabrics myself no matter whether someone has given them to me saying they've been washed or not. Do you think washing it again with a Colour Catcher would maybe help?

Catherine said...

Me again -- meant to say they're both beautiful quilts!! I hope there's a solution!

Kathie said...

sorry this happened to you, maybe using a q tip and applying the synthropol directly to the spot washing it again with another color catcher ?
I agree I HATE swapping with any one but immediate friends that you can trust will prewash the fabrics,
it really does matter.

Sweet P said...

Gorgeous quilts! I don't have any tips for getting the red out. :(

Qubie said...

Great quilts. It's sad that they ran. Hope you are able to save them.

Joansie said...

Well, that would have made me sick! Synthropol is suppose to stop the bleeding?

Rose Marie said...

Baste a colour catcher sheet directly on top of the spot where it has bled out. Wash your quilt and let it air dry (or soak just that spot, wring out, air dry and repeat the steps again). After each washing, you should start to see more of the dye on the CC sheet and less on your quilt. I have done this for two quilts and it has worked wonders.