Friday, November 27, 2009

Finally sewing again :)

Since the angiogram on Wednesday ( no blockages- more tests coming) I was told to do nothing for the weekend- nothing. I can't drive so I decided to break out the sewing machine and the embroidery machine. I had about 5 yards of this tiny gingerbread allover patterned fabric that I get tired of moving around. So yesterday I decided I needed a wall hanging and table runner for the holidays.

I always loved how Buffalo Troubles came out and wondered if I could make another with the gingerbread fabric of the bonus hts from the table runner points. I did have to make another couple sheets worth from Triangulations ( kinda like thangles but you print sheets)I found two browns and tah dah!

I'm calling it Christmas Troubles :)

Closeup of the fabrics

I also finished a table runner top for the holidays :)

I even did a couple dish towels and a denim shirt.

No pictures this week because I'm housebound- next weekend DD and I are meeting a friend in NYC to take pictures of the Christmas decorations. The big tree should be lit by "The Rock"- hopefully Sat night mass will be over so I can take pics in St. Pat's Cathedral.The store windows...etc etc


Kathie said...

Love the kansas oopps Christmas trouble wallhanging!
oh that ginger bread men fabric is adorable.
nice table runner.
Have fun looking at the windows in NYC we plan on going in when my DD gets home from college.
Always a fun day.

Cathy ~o said...

what cute Christmas projects Kim. I like the wallhanging but my favorite is the runner! Thinking you could make neat placemats using the same idea too. I have that same gingerbread man fabric
Have fun in NYC when you go :-)

Jeanne said...

Your Christmas projects are all so cute! I used that same gingerbread fabric as the backing for some of my potholders.

Chookyblue...... said...

take care and I hope all goes well.......
your runner looks great..........

Kim said...

so where did I buy so much of that fabric I have no clue?

Mel said...

Is that thread on the gingerbread men or applique? Love how they turned out.