Friday, November 06, 2009

Brownstone Quilt Guild's Show

After a long time w/o a show venue, Brownstone Quilt Guild started their show today. What a long - but fun day it was.....And it's still going on tomorrow at Allendale, NJ's Northern Highlands High School. If you're in the neighborhood please come see me. I'll be at the mini auction with Barb We're in room two. We still have over 50 mini quilts for 2 drawings tomorrow.....
Part of the NJ Quilt book challenge- Grandmother Stars - my interpertaion of a GMFG. My design based on floor tiles I saw in Philley.....

I entered Musical Geese - didn't get a ribbon but I entered it just the same......

We have alot of great vendors- some like this one I've never seen before. Very nice people for Red Sox fans :P

Barb and I are running the Mini Quilt auction- OK Barb's running it and I just do what she says :) I won a bunch of mini quilts today- bottom left is hubby's fav and mine fav is bottom right. I wanted that quilt so bad when it was sent last year for the show - I almost kept it - see it pays to be a good girl :) I won 2 more that I made :( and gave one to Talin and one to Barb- neither is my style but they were fun to make .

The door prize gals over did themselves and had over 700 prizes of all shapes and sizes. Anything from gardening gloves and a gardening book- foot massagers (LOL)-spools of embroidery thread ( thanks Barb) patterns- fqs etc etc, It was like an addicting drug you could not walk by w/o playing and play I did....look at all this stuff. I also won a ceramic house of some kind - hubby's getting it out of my truck so I can see what it is....a pic for another day :)

And hubby,prince he is brought Barb and I some real food for dinner- what a guy!!! Thanks Dave it was yummy. He even made sure I had some cold wine when I got home- I may keep him another 20 years *VBG*


Kathie said...

The show was great! I enjoyed watching the first drawing at the mini quilt auction, sorry I didn't win.
happy to see you win the tree quilt you were so excited!
It was pretty funny seeing you win the little quilts!

Mel said...

I think you won lots. What a fun day you had.

Joansie said...

Wish I lived closer so that I could attend this event. Your quilts are beautiful!!!

...and your hubby spoils you on top of all this!