Friday, March 21, 2008

this pile is the bonus hsts from a mystery I'm doing on one of my groups and the love quilt I finished the blocks/rows of this morning. That's alot of hsts to be pressed and trimmed :( But at least it shows I've been sewing :)

I have 2 quilts to do tomorrow at least the quilting and start getting bindings attached. I don't care if I spend all of Easter Day sewing them down I NEED to get them both done this weekend. Then load the Vet quilt to have finished by THIS Thursday night

DD helped by laying out a Girl Scout quilt and I have the blocks in rows and will press them tonight. I have borders for 2 of 7 ready to go :)

Lookie what DD and the mail lady bought me today :) . DD's gift is 20 fqs in a cute container. I never did a Turning 20 this might be the fabric to try it with.


Jeanne said...

Nice gift from your daughter! I love the pile of HSTs, too. You sure have been busy! Take time to breathe. *s*

Mel said...

Oh, I love the book and the fqs. Very pretty.