Monday, March 24, 2008

No pics today :(

I did manage to get not one but 2 of the Girl Scout quilt tops together minus borders. I have orange and yellow for them. Maybe tonight , but probably not. I need to get the Vet quilt loaded as I never got to do that today.

The Viking was acting up yesterday when I was sewing the binding down and the belt needs to be changed on the feather weight. :( So what am I supposed to do?? I have deadlines and quilts that need to be made :( . So when I was unplugging my VIking to get ready for the sewing machine spa....I saw the Singer I got for HS graduation many years ago. It was serviced before I bought the janome gem so it was good to go and I got a PERFECT 1/4" seam from it after some playing. Problem is, I can't find the bobbin box full of it's bobbins :(

THe gem was still in my roll along sewing case. I needed to take some parts off before I got rid of it. They wanted over $100 to fix it again and it would have been the third time and since I only spent $199 for it in the first place I voted no. But it did have a brand spanking new 1/4" foot with the little side guard on it. hmmmmmmm it looks like it might fit the Singer and will wonders never cease IT DID!!!! Of course I figured that at the end of the day when I was done :(
I need to put another red block together for the GS quilts so DD can lay another top out and I'll work on that on breaks from the Vet quilt - yippee!!! And I even found another piece of 90" muslin I can use for a backing. So that will help when we get to that stage- I have 3 backings so far and I need to get a friend to design a label I can use for all of them.

Tonight I believe I'll work on my cathedral windows again. I have 64 more blocks to sew together and the monster will be done.I need all of them pressed and started by April 1st when I take my dad for hand surgery. They need to be there so early before the surgery. I know I'll have hours to kill. Even if it's just filling the "windows". Plus I need some for Wednesday night's stitch and bitch . Maybe after that and the GS quilts I can get back to my ocean waves quilt. I think I need another 30 blocks for another king. Mel are you ready???? LOL. ANd I need to design a black/white/red quilt for the neighbor's daughter for her sweet 16 for dd to give her. I'm debating another pineapple blossom or something using 2 1/2" strips of black and whites with red....

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