Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Sewing

Been working on hand quilting one of the Star Struck wall hangings while I watch tv- it's not done yet so you can see how much tv I watch- but it is over half done YEAH!

I also promised my lovely daughter a quilt for graduation from beauty school last June well with the packing and unpacking and the crap that went on with hubby losing his job I did next to no sewing for months. Well making the baby quilt renewed my quilting spirit. So I started her quilt. I'm almost done with the blocks- My mom also asked for a small lap quilt about 4' x 4' so with the bonus hsts I'm making her top at the same time.....been pretty snowy the last week or so here in NJ perfect for staying and sewing.



it's for what..?

Kim said...

it's part of a lap quilt a few posts away

Yammyyam said...

hey its nice...u very good of this,u can try to sell it...good luck :)