Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shuffling Off to Buffalo- Again!

While waiting for the actual test to begin ( over 2 hours late) and while DD took the written exam I worked on more Amish Tumbling blocks. I "think" I'm attaching row 13 or 14 - Not even half way- but still working on it.

Suitcases are packed- laptop and Twilight Zone dvds packed, ipods, books and sewing for me- the last of the prepped tumbling blocks ready to be put together, the last few hexagons for the Irish Pub star wall hanging, the apple cores ( Hey Cathi- now how do I put the rows together? I have 2 almost completed.)and the wine feathered star to work on hand quilting so when I quilt my mystery, I can do hanging sleeves and binding .
I'm leaving in about 75 minutes for Buffalo with DS to see the school he should be going to. Hubby is taking us to see the Buffalo Bisons ( Met's farm team ) Thursday. There's a quilt store 1.5 miles from the house I'm hoping to check out :) we shall see. Be back late Friday night. Hopefully with a ton of pics for this blog and especially the flower blog. Going back to the Botanical Gardens with the new camera.


Joansie said...

Busy, busy, busy will keep you out of

Take a picture of "Columbine" flower for me if there is one at the gardens.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Buffalo is the city where my husband's new job is headquartered. We've been to Buffalo. Cold but beautiful.

Catherine said...

Just lots and lots of lovely curved piecing as you join the rows. I usually pass the needle through the intersection and then turn the piece so that I'm always working with the concave, clipped seam piece facing me.